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After having been out for lunch which I ate scallops and truffle mac and cheese, glass of wine and coffee, approx 2 hours later I was violently ill, sick and needing the loo, whilst driving home, pouring with rain. Fortunately for me, a lady was kind enough to let me use her facilities, however I was still experiencing sickness and bowel problems on the way home. It was a nightmare, and so embarrassing for myself, my husband and the poor young lady. At first I thought the scallops and food poisoning but now I am rethinking that it could have been the cheese. I was prescribed colofac many years ago, which I have not taken.

I experience these occasionally , sickness and bowel problems, so wondered if anybody else has suffered similarly and so quickly after eating.

I do have a B12 problem so this could all be connected.

Best Susan

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If you hadn't mentioned that you experience sickness and bowel problems anyway I would have said it was the scallops but since you do and the symptoms didn't carry on I think it's just too much food that cause irrational in your system. If you have IBS, keeping a food diary helps. Eat slowly and watch out for the additives in food.

Pesos ally I have almost eliminated IBS by making my own bread. I knew bread was one of the problems but I love it so making my own seemed the answer. Sour dough works for me.

Hope you are better now


Hi Dee

Yes thank you, much better, in fact the day after I cut the lawns. I have experienced it before, usually short lived, and pretty sure rich foods could be cause. Shall be extra vigilant and if restaurant hasn't on the menu what I require, better to go without.

I am so particular about my food and cleanseliness, we grow our own veg, organic, only by free range foods, trouble is that in restaurants you don't know what is happening.!

As a matter of interest I didn't eat any bread that day, but interested to know about sour dough.


crazyfitnessPWB Guest

Hi there, feel so for you as what an awful experience and even worse when you are out, how lovely for that lady to let you use her facilities; not sure if I could have done that as I suffer with Emetophobia but not for much longer as I'm working my way through a programme to alleviate it and get rid of it for good.

A while back I went to bed and didn't feel all that great and had to get out of bed when I had diorrhea and was also feeling quite sick, I went to the toilet a few times and was still feeling sick but wasn't actually sick (I take travel sick tablets if I feel sick in any way and they do work). But as quick as the illness started it stopped and I was feeling so much better, went back to bed and slept for the rest of the night.

From your further post below it certainly sounds like it's the IBS as if it was anything else you would have felt awful the following day.

I have found that I cannot eat raw carrots, raw or cooked onions, sweetcorn, dates (recently found this out), caffeine and looks like Lactose is also a problem so I have cut it out.

Also, like deejames below, I eat sourdough bread and am find with it, it's a wonderful thing, my favourite bread of all.

Good luck to you and hope that you find what your triggers are.

Thank you for your reply and do hope you are soon better. Will google emetophobia.

Best Susan

Hi crazy fitness

Have just googled it, new one on me. You definitely wouldn't have wanted to be near me or in the same room.

Shellfish are detrital feeders, so your issues are likely a result of eating something that feeds on anything that floats past, including faeces.

There is a saying that one should not eat shellfish when there is no "R" in the month, ie May to August. All fish goes off quickly, especialy in summer.

Thank you for your reply. Just surprised on thinking about it that I recovered so quickly, if it was food poisoning, would have thought it would have lasted at least another 24 hours, and I am prone to this but never experienced it quite so aggressive.

Will remember about the R, however they could well have been frozen.


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