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very hot grandma

I am recently diagnosed with hypothyrodism. My thermostat is not working either. I go to bed with a fan blowing on me, and just a sheet on. I wake up so hot I think my blood is boiling. I take synthryoid. My doctor thinks I am nuts complaining about being so hot, he says that is a sign of hyperthyroidism. I had lab work done and my thyroid numbers were good. But this being so hot is driving me crazy. I had the terrible depression when I was first diagnosed. Felt so hopeless. The depression is better.

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Fix the thermostat,what else?

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I'm hypo and hate hot weather. I'm sorry you're struggling, but glad you aren't feeling as depressed. I can't wait until summer weather is over. Should be approximately three more weeks here in Texas before we start getting some relief.

How long ago where you diagnosed? Do you want to share lab results with us? Are you thinking treatment plan needs adjusting, or are you just upset about AC being broken? Will you be able to have it repaired soon?



Hot flushes?

Your GP seems as helpful & knowledgeable as most, re thyroid hormones: nahypothyroidism.org/why-do...

If you think it's your thyroid that's causing your issues, get a copy of your latest blood test results & post them on the Thyroid UK forum. The excellent admins & clever folks on there will help, as I'm a novice.

I'm guessing you may have hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. This can cause bouts of overactivity, as well as underactictivity, until the thyroid burns out. It's essential to have good nutritional levels to make the thyroid & levothyroxin work & convert to tri-iodothyronine that all our cells need. Nutrient levels must to be optimal, ie, the highest end of the normal range. Have you had your vitamin D, B12 & folate tested? Also, iron & ferritin? Post these results on the forum, if you have them, too.

Many people find going gluten free helps, as this reduces the number of antibodies. Selenium & zinc can help, as does magnesium ~ I take the chelated form with water on an empty stomach at bedtime, or make a skin spray.

Lots of hypothyroid people have low stomach acid, so a little vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) or apple cider vinegar with the water you take your synthroid with, could help it work better. Make sure to take it on an empty stomach, & not to take any medication or supplements for 4 hours, or eat anything (especially coffee!) for more than an hour afterwards.

Last thing I can think of is that this might be useful for you to read: my.chriskresser.com/wp-cont... Disorders.pdf All his e-books & articles are free. There are a few more on autoimmune disorders, thyroid health, & the negative effects of gluten.


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