fat forever?

Hi there, my name is Diane and i am 48yrs old. I have 3 grown up children who all have left home now. I live with my boyfriend and our 2 small dogs. I have struggled with my weight for as long as i can remember (forever) and now i feel its affecting my health and the older i am getting the more aware and concerned i am. I have a under active thyriod which was diagnosed 1yr ago so i am on medication for this and i also have long term depression and anxiety which i take medication for. I have recently changed my depression medication and feel i have really put on more weight since taking these. Anyway i am glad i have found this site for some support and guidness from other people in a simular situation to me and just to talk to people who might understand me a bit more. Because of my mental state i am not able to go out and socialise and i used to walk my dogs alot and recently moved into more rural settings hoping this might of helped me but it has made me more of a recluse unfortunatly.


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  • hi Diane i'm the same age as you can i ask what your on for your depression, i know having thyroid problem is bad for putting weight on, but your medication for depression if you can tell me that i might be able to help you take care, i know its easy said that done but try not to get over Anxious about your weight until i know what your on take care look forward to your reply Alan

  • Hi Alan, I am currently on mirtazapine 30mg per day for my depression and 125mg levothyroxine for my thyroid. I recently had my bloods done again as i was feeling more exhausted than normal but they came back ok.



  • hi Diane thanks for your replying Mirtazapine like any other can cause tiredness, i'm on fluoxetine for mine depression and they do the same, but i also suffer from server sleep apnoea. one this i know thyroid can make you very tired just on its own take care all the best Alan

  • I hope you are still walking your dogs. The best thing for your health, physically and emotionally. That's the way you meet people as well and I think you acknowledge that isolation is a problem. Donyou know anyone at your new place who has a dog who you could meet up with for a walk ?


  • thanks for your reply Dee

    That's the one thing i miss about this illness is the misery of not being able to take my dogs out, i know the weather not been too good this part of the town but it never stopped me before and its really not fair on my dogs,every time i attempt to go out my anxiety stops me.

    Diane x

  • I'm sorry Diane but if you don't think things will change very soon and your dogs are not going out for walks everyday then you need to consider whether you are giving them the best life they could have. Have you thought of getting a dog walker even once a day ? Or contact your local RSPSA to see if they have suggestions. Just being let out in a garden is not enough stimulation or exercise for dogs. I'm sure you love them but you have to think of what is best for them as well.

    If they are going out with someone else then sorry to have suggested they weren't.

    Best of luck


  • Hi Diane,

    I too started a new life in my 40's with a new partner, after the children had left home. Look on this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself; try and see yourself as a friendly, chatty outgoing person - it is all about belief in yourself. You have already been successful in finding a new boyfriend; you have survived the upheaval of moving home. Now you want to plan each day as it comes; is there a local walking group you can join? My partner and I go geo-caching with the dogs - it gets you out and sometimes you meet up with others doing the same thing. We used to go hill-walking - set yourself a personal challenge to walk to the top of a local viewpoint - we ended up doing each of the highest points in the UK and became a lot healthier whilst we trained up for it. Don't let your isolation get you down - there are folks on the internet who love to chat. Do up the spare room if you have one for family to come and visit on holiday - just keep looking forwards!

  • yea i did the spare room up and my daughter sometimes stays over with her boyfriend which is nice, she works a lot of hours now though and i don't see her as much, before i moved here it was only me and my youngest daughter but she moved in with her dad as it was too far for her to up root her jobs and friends etc. I really miss our mother daughter times we used to have...:(

  • The best thing you can do diet wise is to start cutting the carbs- starchy stuff and sugar. If you look here- dietdoctor.com/category/hea... you can find stories from people who both lost weight and conquered depression by using the low carb high fat diet. (LCHF). Getting off all that stuff that raises blood sugar and triggers insulin release has dramatic effects in a lot of people. I wish you well!

  • oh that sounds promising, i will have a look. thanks x

  • Hi uklady47,

    Yo-yo dieting is detrimental to health; accept yourself and practice healthy lifestyle behaviours to the best of your ability. Try keeping your carbohydrate intake to about 40 grammes per meal diabetes.org.uk/documents/c... , eating a sensible amount of non-starchy veg with a little natural fat instead.

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