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I am a newbie here and this is my first post.

I experienced an episode of disturbance in my digestive system,some months ago.I was feeling bloated and eating food had become a problem.I was not having any flatulence and there was nothing particularly different in my habits particularly in eating.I went to a General Hospital and after conducting a few tests,the doctor found nothing specific.The doctor then deduced,based on my symptoms that I may be having problems with my gut flora.He prescribed a medicine and in due course I got relief.My question is what causes any disturbance in the gut flora,what kind of problems it may cause and what steps,if any, we may take to avoid recurrence.Please throw some light on this issue of gut flora.

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There is a lot of information available about the gut flora, (try searching gut microbiome), but research is ongoing. It seems that there are many different things that can affect it such as taking antibiotics or changing your diet and changes to your gut flora can affect not only your digestion but many other areas of your body.

I'd be interested to know what medicine you were prescribed - it's good to hear that it worked for you.

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Unfortunately,I could not trace the record of medicine that I took.It was prescribed by a gastro- enterologist. I just remember that I took about 6 tablets packed in an aluminium vial.I also remember it was a culture.

I have started searching and reading on the subject and found a wealth of information that is very relevant and useful.I am sure all my doubts will be cleared.Thank you for your post.


Here's some links re gut flora, digestive health, & the effects of having good or bad bacteria in the gut:




This is free to download, if you sign up: my.chriskresser.com/ebook/g...

I eat kefir every day after reading this: chriskresser.com/kefir-the-...

It's important to make sure you eat plenty of fibre, & avoid processed foods, especially artificial sweeteners which are toxic to healthy gut bacteria.

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