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Sad, sad, sad (Standard American Diet)

I am 72 and try to eat well as the source of good health. I have always read a lot about food and health. Most of my life has been spent in Vermont and Seattle, both far north and often cloudy. I lived in France and in Quebec. I am the nearly last of the final American generation to grow up eating regular, normal food grown in the backyard and/or prepared from scratch from near pesticide-free and near organic farm products. I pity the young who are kept, and keep themselves, ignorant of food quality and its connection to health. We live in a world where today's grandmothers watched a gadzillion hours of TV junk food commercials and were reared on fast food themselves to the point that almost nobody has memory of real food. So, is it any wonder that so many people are so ill so often with such horrible conditions -- in a world that has smart phones !

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Good post, but the smart phones are also a cause of bad health.


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