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Healthy Eating
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Stuck in a Lull

Hello! I HAD been really good with eating healthy, tracking everything I ate to aid my weight loss but Its all just become really stagnant.

I have no meal plans and feel like I cant get out of this cycle. (Ive started snacking on biscuits and I never used to go near)

I need to find a meal plan that I can stick to for a while and then I am hoping I can stay on track again. I also want to have more veggie meal options.

If anyone has any help or meal plans - send them over =0)

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The alkaline diet may help. You can feel full on it. Paelo. Diet is another good one!


What you are going through is one of the challenges of following restrictive diets. With time our bodies and minds just give up. You could reignite your weight loss journey by writing down a weekly meal plan according to your calorie allowance, prep your meals and follow through. Ensure you eat sufficient calories to limit the cravings for processed foods like biscuits. Read through the NHS 12 week program for further guidance. All the best!


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