Hi is anybody in Nottingham/Derby area interested in acquiring a Scoby for fermenting Kombucha. ? It won't be available until near the end of August.

Just to clarify, I'm NOT selling the Kombucha & Scoby , i was given it in trust by a lady who wanted nothing in return but to give it somebody who had an interest in fermented drinks/foods, and I want do the same.

I drink kefir most days and love it , just don't enjoy the Kombuca as much.

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  • Hi Morganadk2,

    Just wanted to wish you well with your Scoby for fermenting Kombucha. Have you done the process before?

    I've not even tried Kombucha yet - what does it taste like?

    I'm not looking to acquire a Scoby, but I just wanted to wish you well with yours.

    Zest :-)

  • I'm interested in the scoby,, I do kefir everyday and would like to try making Kombucha. I live near Mansfield.

  • Do you drive ? Would you able to collect it ?

  • Yes, I live in Rainworth and work in Mansfield. No problem in getting wherever you are. A ride out, somewhere different, a mini holiday for a couple of hours.

  • Can I arrange to collect it this weekend? My email address is 01spotify@gmail.com. Thanks

  • Sorry it won't be available until the end of August

  • I remember now from your original post.


  • I've emailed you you can pick it up this weekend!

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