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Simple Tips to live a Healthy Life

Simple Tips to live a Healthy Life

Good Health is a better wealth for human life. Yes good health is only making feel happy and lead a life into full of joy. Many people had rich amount of money, but they don’t have a good health. Every day intake pills and going to hospital. These type of life will make people into more depression and sad. It is very tuff to rehabilitee their life into normal. So each and every problem we only take steps, I hope you know one good proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. We are the only response to take care our health.

Regular Workouts

Doing exercise is the best method to live a healthy life and also maintain your body fit and slim. Many people body deposit more amount of unwanted fat. Exercise is the best option to decrease the body weight, because it supports to protect the body from various diseases like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer and nervous problem. There are different types of exercise available like aerobic, anaerobic exercise and few others exercise. But doing simple exercise such as walking, running, cycling, swimming and playing games regularly; it supports to increase the body health and protect from various disease.

At least Sleep six hours daily

Sleeping is the best one to refresh our body and doing daily works very active. But many people not sleep more than six hours. Many people concentration only on works and they lose their body health. Sleep supports to maintain the blood circulation smooth and reduce the high blood pressure. It is also helps to protect from the disease like stroke and heart disease. Before going to sleep at bed use some fragrance oil like orange flavor is improves your body health and make you feel good.

Regular Medical Check Up

Taking a regular health check up and tests can supports you detects problems before they start. They are also useful to supports you detect problems early, when the opportunity for treatment and cure are more and better. By taking the correct health services, screenings and treatments, you are taking steps that help your chances for living a healthier life for longer time.

Health Diet

Food is an amazing sources to gives energy to our body and strength our body. Foods contain many nutrition and energy. But many people intake fast foods like fried fish, chicken, rice and nuts. It will only make many side effects and also lead a life into lots of disease. Try to avoid these types of foods and intake only the natural foods. The natural foods contain nutrition encourage immunity and protect from various infection. The natural food is the only best way to gives good energy to our body. So don’t forget to intake fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and some good health meat. Daily you must drinking only fresh fruit juice and skip to intake the artificial flavor juice. The artificial flavor juice also reduces the body energy and makes some health issues. There are many plenty of nutrition’s presents in the vegetables. So don’t forget to add natural vegetables in your daily food diets. Consuming the vegetables in a raw form is more benefits to body health. Vegetables such as garlic, onion, carrot, tomato, lady finger’s and beet root are easily eating in raw form. If the people known very well about the values of vegetables, and then they will never skipping the vegetables in their daily food diet.

To know more details about the nutritional values of vegetables: assertmeds.com/nutritional-...

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Hi l am new l am 63 and have lost 100 pounds it took me 3 years but feel so mush better but l am having a hard time maintain any help l would love to hear sorry l am Terry

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Really lost 100 pounds in 3 years is a great thing. If you want to maintain the body fitness in control, you must follow the regular simple exercise, and good healthy food diet and drinking plenty of water daily. Try to avoid the junk food in your daily food diet system.


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