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Healthy Foods and Herbs For Healthy Heart


Heart is the most important muscle in our body. It supports to purify blood present in our body. Heart is working without any break. If heart take break in a person body, then that person will also take rest everlasting. So we must take care about Heart Health.

I want to suggest some of the healthy foods and Herbs for maintaining good healthy heart.

1.Fruits and Vegetables play an important role to developing the heart health. Lots of nutrition's, vitamins and minerals present in the Vegetables. Fruits also supports to increase the hear health. Consume the fruits like Apples and orange.

2. Herbs:

Garlic contains good antioxidants properties. So don't forget to add garlic in your daily food diets. It supports to improve the blood circulations and removes the unwanted fats and cholesterol present in the blood vessels.

3.Green tea is the best option to refresh your whole body in a Healthy way. Yes, it always shows the Green signal to body health. It contains good antioxidants properties. So it increase the heart health.

I am shared only little things in this post. But there is a lots of foods and herbs to boost the heart health in a good way.

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