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The Best Vegetarian Cook Book ever!

The Best Vegetarian Cook Book ever!

Hi Guys,

I am an avowed meat eater who is looking to add purely vegetarian recipe meals to reduce my intake of meat (no fish, red meat, chicken etc). The problem is my imagination in finding tasty vegetarian recipes that are relatively easy (20 mins to prepare) and not 100,000 ingredients to make it taste good. Please let me know your favourite veg dishes) ideally ones that have a majority of health veg in it? Looking forward to eating a rainbow of colour and flavours.

The reason I am doing this is my belly fat is still too high and reducing my meat is one good way. I have already reduced my sugar intake and now exercise every morning.

God bless you all.

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Hi ZuperNev,

Have you had a look at the section on 'Healthy Recipes' in the forum - there are a few Vegetarian recipes in there, and here is a link:

Also, the Healthy Eating NHS Choices page on Vegetarian and Vegan food is here:

Zest :-)


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