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Hey guys

Started healthy eating again as I have hit my peak with my weight I'm 17.5 stones, i am getting married in 4 months and need to loose 21/2 stone for myself. I'm starting to make smoothies with only 4 fruit at the moment and I will be adding veg and more fruit in the future. I have just started a physical job so it's kinda given me a kickstart. I'm gonna be hitting the gym and start running, can anyone help me start a food plan for myself please and thank you 😊



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  • Hi Jldavies,

    What is the physical job you have just started?

    Has your doctor suggested carb counting?

  • Hi Joel,

    Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Have you seen the Healthy eating pages on NHS Choices? There is also information there about the NHS 12 week plan, so worth a look, and the NHS weight loss forum is also a good resource, in addition to this forum on Healthy eating, so lots of support here:

    Wishing you success with your goals.

    Zest :-)

  • Avoid processed foods & anything containing artificial sweeteners. Foods described as low fat & low sugar tend to have a lot of chemical junk in them, so stick to natural wholefoods foods.

    In case your weight issue is hormonal, avoid soya unless it's fermented, & raw cruciferous veg in your smoothies. Try adding a grapefruit, including the white pith, it improves the digestion of fat, as does a spoon of organic apple cider vinegar before meals.

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