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I wrote another post about being new and a lot of people asked me to specify more on what I meant by getting sick a lot. My immune system is not very good, I get sick often and by sick I mean colds, flus, sinus infections, strep throat, yeast infections, utis, and sometimes worse things. Problem is if I am around anyone who is sick I catch it no matter what and I get it very badly. I had the stomach flu and the flu back to back in a one month period. I take multivitamins everyday, i also started for the last two months taking a probiotic everyday. Doctors think my immune system is so bad because of how many antibiotics I am on all the time due to illnesses. So problem is even though I'm in my 20s and I try to eat healthy when I get sick I don't want food and so I don't eat very much and my body gets very run down. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and I take a pill to help. If I get to down I don't eat either. So I'm trying to get back to eating better and eating more. Sorry for this long topic by a lot of people kept asking me about it

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Hi Fuzzypanda

I agree with your doctor and Dottie, that the very thing which is supposed to get you healthier is causing your immune system to go down. Antibiotics are destroying your life big way (anti - against, bio - organic, organism =>antibiotic = against organism)

As Dottie says, to boost your immune system,you need to eat real food, not processed one. But again, the best advice is given on the background of full information, so if you would like me to look into what we can do to get you back to healthy state,you can PM me to discuss privately your conditions and current eating habits. With that we shall be able to set some healthy eating plan,

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Hi Fuzzy, if you read my short info, I suffered from serious colds and asthma and susceptibility to bronchitis etc for years. Since I went whole-food organic, and taking whole vitamins (not a multivitamin) especially C, D3 and fish oil, I've improved for quite a while now. Rare cold (one in 10 years at least). Look for natural sources as possible. I found I can avert colds if you catch them very early on (thats the key) when just starting a sore throat or sniffle...with Vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, honey and some cinnamon (all natural antivirals). That's been my little "cold and flu remedy" for a long while. :) Hope that helps.


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