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Hi i am 54 years female and i admit i am about a stone and a half overweight,the weight has piled on in the last year,i feel fat,it does not help im only 5 feet tall,and i weigh 10 stone 4 pounds,but i want to ask where do you get your motivation from,i feel motivated for a day then next day im saying to myself what is the point,im up and down,i must add i do have anxiety disorder and osteoarthritis,though im not saying thats any excuse to eat too much,i love chocolate and i am a coeliac so have to eat gluten free,my meals usually i think are a good balance of fish/veg/fruit/i never fry anything,but i also never seem to lose any weight,so i suppose i just want to know what you say to yourself to keep you going on the right path to feel better.


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  • i get my motivation from people on this forum. its a good idea to check in daily and talk to people and get to know them and get encouragement from them. I am doing areobics, something i was telling myself i was going to do for far to long but never got round to it. now i have a friend who i can talk to and tell her what im doing. we tell each other about good utube videos for exercise. im quite strong and flexible but had no stamina. im feeling so much better now that im doing my dialy workouts. im also starting to talk to people about cooking as im not a great cook. this is where i get lots of information about whats healthy, its all good. I hope that you can get involved and find people who like you want to improve their health. There are lots of different parts on the site where you can get lots of good information and great support from others. love grace xoxoxo

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