If I soak oats, quinoa and chia seeds overnight, will the process be reversed when I microwave it in the morning?

Hi all, so I like to get a bowl of oats, quinoa and chia seeds and soak it in milk & water overnight. In the morning I always like it warm so I microwave for a few minutes. After microwaving, there is more milk and water in the bowl, obviously it has seeped out of the food via the heat. I soak them overnight because supposedly it is much better for digestion. By microwaving them, have I reversed the process?



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  • No, the excess fluid that the seeds & grains haven't absorbed will soak back out. The heat probably makes the denser solids sink, so it appears this way. I find oats absorb more when cooked, but perhaps not if you are only warming it.

  • Yeah ok cheers for that. I see a lot of people put their oats in a mason jar overnight with other things like milk, yoghurt, water and seeds. I have no idea how you can eat oats cold, and I don't see why you couldn't just put it all in a bowl instead. Mason jar seems a bit fancy

  • I prefer using glass to plastic to store food. I use mason jars for kefir, as the loose cap can let out the carbon dioxide that's produced in fermentation,

    It's fine to eat oats raw. I prefer soaking overnight, then cooking slowly for a warming winter breakfast. Porridge isn't something I fancy eating between now & October, though this morning feels cold enough!

    I add linseeds & chia seeds to kefir, & have this every evening with nuts. I might try adding quinoa, but have never had this grain uncooked. I didn't know it could be eaten raw.

  • Quinoa can be eaten raw but it's advised to soak them overnight.

  • I soak a portion of oats in soya milk with some raisins plus some powdered ginger and cocoa powder overnight in the frig. Very good cold even in the winter but can be warm d in microwave. I eat a few chia seeds in soya milk st the end as I do not like the glutinous taste when soaked.

  • Interesting. I will definitely try cocoa powder but I'm not sure about the ginger. Maybe I'll try that in the future

  • Try cinnamon instead if you do not like ginger

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