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Gut -Afib


Just thought I would join this group to find out more about gut issues and is there any one out there who thinks Gut problems can be connected to palpitations of any sort

Also i have been eating very healthy over the last 8 months organic foods small meat

But in recent weeks i seem to be having problems with gas after eating

I have a disconfort bloating or mass around navel area then i get alot of belching then i get palpitations

So fed up i am in my fifties 😢

When i was eating rubbish last year i had none of this i just dont understand

Would love to go to a nutritionist but there ate extremly expensive

I am scared to eat

Any advice please would help 🌺

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Hi Rosebuda,

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. There is a page on NHS Choices about Digestive health, so that might be helpful for you:

Zest :-)

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Hi thank you

I was more hoping for naturopath nutritionist 🌺


I found that eating too quickly and not chewing food well enough caused bloating. So maybe you need to slow down the process.

Maybe I am wrong but your words in your post implied some anxiety. Being scared of food is not great way to start a meal. Try saying to yourself "Thank you for this food that will nourish me and serve my needs". So you have a positive intention when eating.

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Try keeping a food diary, it may be one particular food that is causing the problem.


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