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Does not eating the right foods cause you to feel sick?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this... sorry if not but I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I feel sick constantly ... I always have horrible tastes in my mouth food makes me feel sicker and I absolutely hate it... I suffer from constipation a lot and always get pains in my stomach and feel so naousous :'( it's horrible

Due to suspected ibs and a phobia of food/being sick my diet co sitis kf:

Cereal; shortbread; farleys rusks; yogurt: potato and 1 slice of bread daily. That's all I eat everyday or else the sickness and pain and anxiety is worse.

I am severely underweight as you can suspect.

Recently I've been wondering could the reason I feel so terrible and sick all the time and sometimes so suddenly not Be the food I eat but maybe the food I don't eat....

Can not having the right kind of diet make you sick?

If anyone has any ideas for snacks or meals that are really bland and easy to eat without added stuff that can cause sickness please let me know.

Thank you.

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For a normal healthy diet, you should include one of the 5 main nutrients each day; Protein (dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, nuts and pulses), carbohydrates (Bread, cereal, rice, pasta), fat (dairy, fish oil, nuts), Vitamins (fresh fruit, vegetables, fruit juices) and minerals (Green veg, cereal, meat, fish nuts & seeds).

Find which foods you know you can eat without anxiety kicking in - if necessary make into a smoothie if easier to swallow, and have several small meals each day so you don't overload your stomach. Your diet looks to be particularly short of the vital vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit and vegetables. Look at blending some freshly cooked veg into soups and nibble on nuts if you can.

Don't be afraid to take some medical advice on how to cope with an eating disorder if you feel this is what you have. Some people even find hypnotherapy helpful?

Do take care of yourself - you only have the one body - if it was a pet dog you were feeding, you wouldn't starve it, so love your own body like you would a little puppy!

The foods I eat now are the only foods that cause me anxiety... I worry about not cooking meat properly or about the high sugars causing irritation to my stomach from fruits and veg. I don't know how to make soup and I domt know what things are best to mix together to make smoothie.

I worry about going to the doctor incase they just see my low weight and treat me and admit me to hospital πŸ˜”

Thank you for your help your right about the dog thing I need to try and look at myself that way πŸ’Ÿ

You can make a lovely homemade soup using a blender if you have one. Just peel and chop a potato, a carrot, maybe half a small onion, add some green veg like broccoli and perhaps a little cooked chicken if you have some, to some hot water and a stock cube - chicken or vegetable, and boil for 20 mins until all veg are soft. Allow to cool a little and put all the veg and water into the blender. Make sure the lid is on tight and cover with a tea towel so you don't get splashed, and pulse the soup until it is smooth. Add salt & pepper,a dash of worcester sauce if you like it and maybe a splash of cream until it tastes just right for you. Eat some now and keep the rest in the fridge. The more potato used, the thicker the soup. You can use your imagination when cooking - add different vegetables, change things around and have some fun doing it!

I understand that fresh fruit can be a little acidic, so if you chop it up and puree it into a smoothie, you can have just a little at a time with a yogurt or fromage frais or ice-cream - that will counteract any acidity. The secret is to eat little amounts and often.

As for hypnotherapy - someone who can relax you and help with your general anxiety will also help with the eating problems that arise from it. Best of luck!

Thank you for all your help it's been really helpful.. since my diet had been so restricted to the small foods i mentioned earlier do you think it would make me sick if I started eating properly again... I mean it's been years since I've had veg or meat or eggs... do you think it will be hard for my stomach to get used to it all again

Thanks gr8 your advice

When a baby starts on solids, they have just a little at a time, pureed, until their body gets used to it, then gradually introduce some bits and pieces to bite on, (a piece of banana, or a slice of peeled cucumber for example) but still just small amounts. Try maybe one new food at a time so you will know then if you are comfortable afterwards. That is how we humans first start off on solid food after all!

Thank you so much you be really helped... what kind of tgings/foods do you recommend I start with?

It's been said not to have chicken or fish with battered coatings (e.g birds eye fish fingers or chicken dippers) as the coating can irritate the tummy... do you think I could cook them and just take the coating off afterwards or should I but like pure fish/chicken?

"A little of what you fancy does you good" is the old saying. However high fat food can be hard to digest so taking off the outside might be a good idea. Can you not buy a chicken leg and roast it in the oven? If you prefer chicken fingers or fish fingers that is fine - just eat the bits you fancy, and have a spoonful of baked beans perhaps for some fibre? See how you get on.....

Sorry to keep coming back to you but your just so helpful... I have one more question

What do you think about potato varieties such as waffles or roasted potatoes do you think they would be ok to try or too heavy on the stomach because of the skin? Also chips??? (I'm thinking mirowavable πŸ˜‚)

Once again sorry for all the questions

Roasted potatoes can sit a little heavy in your stomach - again the fat is not so easily digested. A few chips certainly won't hurt you, and waffles too are fine in small quantities, but remember these only contain carbohydrates and fat. Some form of protein is vital to build and repair your muscles..... so can you have some grated cheese or an egg, or some ham with your chips?

Don't forget to have some form of fruit too. for your vitamins, otherwise your skin and immune system won't be at their best.

You don't have to eat all of this at one meal - you can have the fruit for breakfast, the ham or cheese for lunch and the chips for tea if that makes it easier for you!

I have thought about hypnotherapy in the past but unsure if it would work.. and what kind to recieve... one for eating disorders or one for sickness phobia ...

Our bodies won't function well without an adequate range of nutrients & micronutrients, & the simple carbohydrate foods you've listed won't supply you with most of these as potatoes, bread & shortbread are nutritionally poor & contain little fibre. Fibre is essential to avoid constipation. It's important to have a sufficient amount of protein & healthy fats, as well as vitamins & minerals.

If you're under investigation for IBS, it's important that your doctor carries out blood tests to find which essential micronutrients you need to be healthy, & prescribes these appropriately. It would also be a good idea to ask for a referral to see a nutritionist for dietary advice, & psychologist to help you deal with fear issues you have of eating.

Your digestive issues may also be the result of an allergy such as gluten which your GP/consultant should have mentioned, & will be exacerbated by eating bread & biscuits.

Here's a leaflet to give you some idea of the range of foods you should be eating to make you feel better:

in reply to BadHare

Thanks for the leaflet it's very informative... I do take b12 supplemts and some of my foods are containing calcium and vitamin d and other b vitamins

I don't think I have gluten or lactose alergy as the reason I only eat these foods is because they're the only one that don't cause too much irritation.

Thanks for the reply

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