Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any tips for when you really want to lose weight and eat healthier but can't because your family mocks your every decision or think your getting in their way and wasting time if you want to eat clean, I honestly feel like my family want me to be unhealthy, I don't mean to sound nagger ish, but I've been trying down this path since I was 16, and I feel once you see things starting to repeat in younger generations its time to put my foot down ad really do something bout it, but how do you go about changing your life when you have no support?


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  • I make healthy snacks the easiest option, by leaving a dish of fruit & a jar of walnuts, almonds & brazils, & a bar of 70% cocoa chocolate on my kitchen table.

    I also only go to the supermarket aisles that have the things I need. I allow a maximum 250 calories on average, of empty calories a day, but don't use it. Other than this, I tend to count nutrients in food, & think in advance about what I need when I'm shopping..

    Are your family obstructive as they cook for you, or demand you make unhealthy meals? I've seen information available regarding sneaking vegetables into children's meals. Perhaps show them some information about how processed food is made, & what it does to our bodies.


  • Thanks, I have tried making healthy snacks and I do cook myself, but with the constant remarks of I'm sick of making different dinners and when I try to get everyone to try new recipes its met with oh I don't like that or that etc its just vexing at times

  • Morning, it is challenging when family members aren't very supportive but if you are as stubborn as I am its a great opportunity to prove them wrong and feel better in your own skin. Depending on the ages you are catering for I'd suggest batch cooking the healthy recipes you like and freezer them so you can have exactly what you want and just carry on with their foods - I'm sure they will get curious and want yours after a while. Or alternatively if they are old enough get them cooking/ helping you to cook, my kids were always more interested in things they did themselves. Make sure you keep posting on the forum, everyone here is your support system and some will have already worked through the same issues so we are in it together. Don't be discouraged, taking care of yourself and being as healthy and active as you can be is the most important thing for them and for you as it means you will be around and active far longer. Good luck

  • thank you, I think I will do it your way with the batch cooking/freezing idea x

  • Seems you do all the cooking for the family and have let them tell you what they want for a hell of a long time . Not a good idea but that is historical. Now it looks like you really have to put your foot down and sod them all for your sake ,your in a situation where they control you and they see you as the underdog ,my advice is make their meals as you would eat, offer it to them ,and give them a choice eat it or leave it,it will cause a bit of ruction for a while but shows your pissed off with them and you ain`t gonna take any more of their crap by putting you down all the time on this matter and possibly others. You have to assert yourself on this ,they may go hungry for a few days but will come round ,start eating what is offered to them and respect you for your stance .

    Your husband/partner if you have one, should be supporting and backing you up on this ,not letting things just carry on like this or even joining in ,Stop being an underdog .

  • I'm with this fella! If they don't eat what you want to make to help you stick around for longer, then let them fend for themselves! Looking forward to hear how you're getting on...xx

  • thank you guys! You've really opened my eyes and don't worry i won't be playing the part of underdog much longer,they want to eat rubbish they can go right ahead but I won't be.......time to build my temple 🏛 xx

  • Lol bet they don`t realise there are plenty of men out there looking for someone like you as they will soon find out :> Not me I``m too old and the wife would kill me if I drooled at you !!!

  • When you do lose the weight I wonder what your family will say then, I would love to know :)

    Good luck to you.

  • Tell them you are continuing to prepare these health foods because you love them, and one day they may face being unhealthy , and you are trying to protect them from that.

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