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Eating healthy when you're unwell?

So I came over poorly last night, I woke up feeling sick at 3am and that was that. I recovered just enough to go to work today, but I didn't want the healthy food in the house. Instead I bought 'easy' food, namely a chicken mayo sandwich and bag of crisps. I had heartburn all day, and grazed on crackers to help distract me from it.

Now, I know that when you're sick, you're sick, and it's a semi-justifiable reason to slack off, but how do you make sure you don't go off the rails? And how do you still make yourself go for the healthy option?

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Hi Cooper,

I have a big nut jar on my kitchen table, & a bag of healthy snacks such as dried fruit, roast beans, & seeds, close by. I make it the easiest option for when I just want to grab something. I also have a few bars of very good dark chocolate, & have one piece most days, with an occasional binge on half a bar, if I have a craving.

On good days, I make veg & various bean & lentil soups, & stock up my fridge for the inevitable bad days. I make sure there's always clean food to eat, & it's the easiest option.

Really bad days/weeks, I eat a lot of nuts, raw fruit cereal bars, kefir & yoghurt.

I keep something healthy like fruit & good cereal bars, & a small tub of nuts in my bag, so if I'm out, there's no excuse for junk. If I eat put, I try to go where there's a healthy option, but do allow myself treats like cake & biscuits if I've otherwise been good.

I ate mince pies over the holiday, knowing I'd have indigestion till the end of this month. I know what will happen if I eat something like that, but the temptation was there, so I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. My stomach's doing that already. Maybe I need to take a spoon of ACV if I indulge next December.

Good article:





Thanks. I didn't get sick by eating unhealthily, the sickness was a stomach bug I caught. I tend to eat lots of veg normally, but as I was sick and light headed, I didn't want to spend a lot of time on my feet chopping and steaming everything. What would you do to make sure you still eat green veg when you're feeling like that? I wouldn't consider working out with an upset stomach though.

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Strange how just when your body needs healthy food you eat things that are not so good. You are suffering for it with the heartburn.

Now you feel better back to the good stuff. Your body will thank you



Sorry, should have clarified that the heartburn came on as a side effect of the stomach bug. I woke up with it, I think because my stomach acid wasn't quite its normal self... I will be trying to eat well today, but just hoping to have tips for next time.

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one tip I have is make batches of healthy soup (i have invested in a soup maker) and freeze in portions, so next time you are feeling poorly you can just defrost and heat also full of nutrition and goodness to help fight off any bugs.

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