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  • Hi, I have read afew different posts here which I found interesting and wonder if any one could help me, please. I think I am wheat intolerant as I have bowl problems after eating certain foods, I have already ruled out dairy but I have alwats enjoyed wholewheat products, but I can now see that just 1 slice of whole wheat toast can upset my tummy, so I now avoid wheat and am fine. Could you please tell me would buck wheat be as harmful please?

  • Buckwheat is wheat and gluten free! It is generally easy on the tummy, but everyone is different.

  • Hi Angie, I have high cholesterol as well and low HDL From my research Apple vinegar can cause other problems like ulcers, the best I have found is to eat oats, nuts, and lots of exercise all of which I love doing. There are plenty of sites on the search engines that give you advice about lowering cholesterol hope this helps. phill.

  • How do you know you have high cholesterol? Was it your doctor who told you so, how does he know? Everybody is different. I think you might find this article written by a heart surgeon interesting. healthscams.org.uk/heart-su...

  • Find time and go on the net and read about non I. It usage can help you onercoe your problem

  • 4 minutes agoAngie-123

    Hi I'm new on here and am struggling with high cholesterol and I have always tried to eat healthy it was 3.9 before I went on hrt ,but doctor says it's down to age not nessersarly the hrt.i have heard that Apple cider vinegar is good for many health problems and helps with acid refluxe which I have any advice would be welcome please .


  • Have a look at my reply to Phillred4 just posted.

  • Need more details

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