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Eating out

Hi everyone.

I'm on a tour at the moment. Staying in budget hotels and dressing rooms at venues, theres never any microwaves/ovens etc, so the done thing is to eat meals out - which are generally paid for making it all the more tempting. I love meals out so quite happily go to a place like pizza hut or nandos or wagamama every night - and there's cooked and continental breakfasts available every morning, and fast food or sandwich meal deals at lunch.

I'm certain this is unhealthy and not exactly help me lose weight - but what would people suggest??.


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If you're eating out a lot, perhaps someone who you're with will want to split meals with you, so at least you're eating smaller portions when you're eating out. Plus it will also help you manage your weight by drinking water instead of sugary beverages~

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Hi Greg, it's all about choices I would say!! There's usually a healthier option on a menu. Junk food can often be tempting but the realty of it is it's far from good for you. Just use your common sense and don't let all the bad stuff tempt you!!

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Get Grilled Fish & salad as a healthy option. I never have takeaways. I eat eggs for Breakfast never eat pasta Rice Bread or Dairy. Feel fantastic & you will to. Give it a try. Good luck.


Hi, I'm in a similar situation with enforced hotel living for several weeks now. I start with grapefruit or fresh fruit salad and also have a poached egg, 1 veggie sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans. I then take a plain yoghurt and some dried fruit, or sometimes a banana with me to have for dinner. Eating out at night; Nando's you can't really go wrong with any chicken with either peas and or corn on the cob and choose from supergrain salad or rice. I avoid garlic bread, chips and burgers.

Pizza hut do fantastic flatbreads now and I avoid mayo and the pasta or potato salad. Individual pizzas aren't too high in calories if you stick to the plain salad to go with it.

I've never eaten Waggamammas so I might give that a try.

Carvery's are good; I steer clear of the mash and roast potato and just have a yorkshire pud with loads of veg and meat.

Often the nutritional info is online somewhere for all of these places so doing a bit of research on your favourites is very useful. Research is the way to go; I've lost 5 stone so far and weight loss has continued despite this enforced change to my eating arrangements so it can be done.

Hotel living is a novelty at first isn't it, but now I just want to go home and have cheese on toast or a bowl of soup!

My theory is to hoover up any fruit, veg or salad that's available throughout the day and to add to that lean meat or fish, a bit of wholegrain carb. I steer clear of puddings, chocolates, biscuits etc no matter that everyone else around me is having them. The thing I miss most is avocado pear; isn't that weird. Can't wait to get home and I hope it's not too long x


Hi Greg1243 - I was just wondering how you got on with your tour, and whether you managed to get some healthier meals - hope it went well.

Zest :-)


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