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So confused by food!!

I find food so confusing! I need to loose some weight, ive spent years doing Atkins and paleo diets, I find it very hard to get my head around carbs, should we be eating grains, are they really that bad, what is the best way to eat to be healthy and lose weight!? Is there anyone that can advise me and help me escape my fear of carbs and grains and dairy and fad diets!?

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As this is such a big question, check out Diet Doctor for good all round advice on this type of eating..


Hi Bunny85,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating community. There are some information pages here that you might like to have a look at:

I have done the NHS 12 week plan, and I think it is very good, and worth a look. There is another community specifically for weight loss, called the NHS weight loss forum, so maybe join that as well - there is lots of support, and they also have some weight loss badges in that community, if you like the incentive of badges.

A link to the NHS weight loss community is here:

Zest :-)


The problem is one of emphasis. Most people's body uses between 480 kcal and 640 kcal per day day in the form of carbohydrate. We can eat what we use, provided it gives the nutrients we need, is low Gi so that it doesn't spike hormone levels, and isn't toxic to our system (too much fructose for instance causes fatty liver, insulin resistance, and makes blood platelets sticky).

Of course, we need other foods to provide the balance of our needs. Only 45g - 56g of protein on average is recommended, therefore any additional energy should be obtained from natural fat, which is relatively inert.

So, grains like whole-oats, quinoa or bulgur wheat are okay in small amounts, but low Gi vegetables are the best source of carbs, and whole/full-fat dairy is fine for those that don't have an intolerance.


Hi! Well, I always think it's best not to specifically to isolate or deprive yourself of certain food groups (like carbs) but to find a balance. What I mean by this is to really understand your body and figure out what you can tolerate and what you respond best to. For example, I like to eat a mostly paleo diet and supplement it with some whole gluten-free grains, like quinoa, to keep myself fuller for longer. Getting healthy is all about finding balance and tweaking the amounts of food you eat - instead of focusing just on carbs or on protein and fat, try to think about eating as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible and making sure you're getting lots of vegetables and greens with every meal! Eating healthfully is all about enjoying yourself and falling in love with the beautiful, fresh food you're eating...going back to basics and keeping it simple with foods that you like and will do your body good. If that means trying out grains - go for it! See how your body responds to them, it's all about your personal experience and journey and the best thing to do here is go head on, find balance and never deprive yourself.

Good luck!!


Stellinha_Mendes I totally agree with you

I feel that some people get so hooked up on theory there is no room left for enjoyment

A healthy balance of foods, not too many calories and a little bit of what you fancy every now and then is the way to go


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