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Healthy Eating
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Health Condition (Osteoarthritis)

Hi, I am also delighted joining you and I hope I will not regret joining you. What exactly capture my attention to join you is the combination of cinnamon and honey and it's benefits, that could cure a chronic arthritis which am having even thought mine is osteoarthritis. I wish am in the right place that I will get help to fight it , thank you .

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I suspect that what you are talking about is using food to relieve symptoms. Nothing cures osteoarthritis. It is a normal part of ageing but in some it happens sooner and at a faster rate.

With some it causes great pain. The same degeneration in another person is only uncomfortable. So we look for ways of strengthening the muscles around the bones to help support them and pain medication and things like meditation to help with the pain.

I hope you find what you are looking g for on the various forums on HU.





HI IM Kay im new just joined as well what is this cinammon and honey missed that one


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