I did my first big shop yesterday since Christmas, only this time looking at all labels. So all the foods that I thought and were advertised as low fat, healthy eating ect, were, in fact, loaded with sugar. Everyone in the shop must have thought there was a nutter in the shop as every time I pick up something to check I kept saying out loud ffs and saying how much there was in sugars LOL. But, this is not funny, my yogurts that I love 55 cals per pot loaded with sugars, so I cannot have them. Fruit, loaded with sugars. Everything one eats has sugar in, some more than one would think, worth a look next time you go shopping. So how can one who is desperately trying to lose weight avoid eating everything that is loaded with sugar, which is supposed to be healthy??


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  • It isn't easy, but some things like fruit even though it has sugar can be ok, If fruit has fiber in it (usually in the skin) and sugar sometimes the fiber can prevent your body from absorbing all of the sugar, so eat fruit it is good in general. Another thing to watch is bread. White bread isn't good with the sugar, but also brown bread can be white bread with brown food colouring in it so its just the same, go for wholemeal breads etc.

    Its a minefield but you can work around it.

    Good luck.

  • Well said.

  • Agree re the whole fruit, if you love yoghurt you could try the plain ones, the full fat ones taste so much better and still aren't a gazillion calories, then you could add some chopped up fresh fruit or thaw some frozen berries instead.

  • Jimtom is right, don't confuse the sugar that is in fruit naturally with the crystaline sugar that has been added; the latter is the one to avoid. Don't bother to count calories either, we never have and never will; just make sure that your food is a wide variety of basic whole food; it won't be in a packet. If you do that you will be sure of getting the minerals and vitamins your body needs. We do have sugar in the house; we buy one kilo a year and half of that is consumed by visitors. To sweeten any slightly sour stewed fruit we add a mashed banana. Be careful that foods advertised as being low or zero sugar haven't got sugar replacements. Asparthame is a real no no and is frequently disguised as E.951. Diet Coke for example has Asparthame in it to replace sugar. Buy full fat yoghourts too, so long as they only have fruit and no added sugar they are fine.

    Jimtom below is right about the bread too, make sure that it is 100% wholemeal which is hard to find in a supermarket.

  • It is a nightmare,trying to sort.It must have been a lot easier in some respects when all this processed food was not around. I was doing very well before Christmas, lowering my cholesterol but I am now due for a blood test and it has probably all gone to pot because of the chocolates people bought me. One box weighed a ton!! and I ate the lot. I had no problem overeating at Christmas. It was after and eating to get rid of the chocolates, which is ridiculous. I think I will ban them (or most) next Christmas. I can do ok if it is not in the house but if there I eat it. Maybe time of year etc but feeling very low at the moment and struggling to do things including shopping properly so probably not doing well with cholesterol.Many many years ago I used to be a heavy smoker and did not feel any healthy benefit when I stopped.( don,t read that bit you smokers) but I did notice the difference when I was eating to lower cholesterol, eating lots of veg and cutting out sat.fat as much as possible. I must try and get in a better frame of mind. I was not trying to loose weight but the weight just dropped of me which was a bit of a bonus although overweight is not a problem to me. It would be if I ate all the cake etc that I like, but resist. When you actually stop and read how much sugar is in things like yogurt it is crazy. I eat 2 a day but am now going to try and get a taste for the healthier ones. I do not have sugar in things, like you I keep sugar mostly for visitors. Oh well, it is a poo day outside. The dogs have not been walked and I am still in my dressing gown. Should I mind? I wish I did,nt!! Am so away with it today had to look up the top to see what my user name was. Won,t even start on the fear of dementia and alzheimer's !!!! 2well-ington.

  • Just to add, contacting another human being cheered me up a bit. Have a good day.2well-ington

  • Hello 2well-ington. The other correspondents, Concerned, Deejames and Grayone, are virtually singing from the same hymn sheet as I am. The one thing you need to know is that nobody actually knows what your correct cholesterol level should be. Even the quoted figures are useless. It is a natural substance present in every cell of the body and carries out great repair work on damaged tissues. If you cut your figer it rushes to the cut. Personally I would concentrate on getting your weight down which will make you feel more enegetic. Throw away the chocs and cakes and allow yourself one square of 75% dark chocolate after your main meal of the day; that way it is medicinal (really). Avoid packets like the plague and make stewes from fresh produce, carrots, leeks, onions, and turnips. Use very cheap cuts of meat (I don't think you are a vegi), neck of lamb for example or chicken thighs. Gently cook your chopped onions in BUTTER, then put the whole lot into a big pot with a couple of small potatoes, add a few lentils cover with some stock, pop the lid on and cook it for 1½ hours in the oven. Start at 200°C, once it's boiling turn down to 180°C. A wonderfully cheap meal on which you should lose weight slowly.

    I could go on but that's enough for you to be digesting for the moment.

  • I know eating protein, fat and low Gi foods mitigates high-glycaemic foods, but rather than just skew the spike in insulin/IGF-1, I prefer to avoid potatoes, and I don't like turnips :-)

  • Hi Tibblington, Thanks for the response. From what you have said I think I am going the right way as do all my own cooking. Very seldom buy a meal. Eat a lot of fish, veg and make lots of thick soup from fresh, which I have for lunch every day + a yogurt or fruit. I got down to 10st- 4lbs before Christmas and put on 4lbs so am just getting back into being selective with my food intake. Once I decide to do something I go for it, as long as no-one gives me chocs!! I eat a small amount of butter and use coconut oil. I will be most interested to see what they say about whatever my results show. 2well-ington

  • If you have the courage, the next time your cholesterol level is checked ask how they know what your level should be.

  • Eat real food. Whole foods, high in fat are good for us.

  • Yes, yes and yes! See what I have said to 2well-ington.

  • The answer is to buy the raw ingredients and cook them yourself. Not as quick or simple but much much healthier. Plain yoghurt and add seeds and a little fresh fruit.


  • Quite right . I'm only boarder line diabetes but i have the same problem when everything i used to like now has either too much salt, satfat or sugar. I used to like Tescos own Cottages and shep pies. But they're off limits until i found a new tescos cottage pie near the frozen fish which at least is all yellow and green and nice to taste.

    I get similar look when i try to eat in Costa because on item , usually Fat always lets me down there. As the kids say LOL .

  • We must shop together sometime Jayney61. I do the same. I think it is quite funny the looks you get sometimes. A nice part about it is it can sometimes bring about an interesting bit of conversation with someone and you might pick up a good bit of info. I am retired so have the time but it must be hard for a working family. My generation at least got the tail end of real food in the shops without too much temptation of fast food alternatives. Also we were taught more about housekeeping from parents who had lived through the war and learnt how to make the best of things available. Having said that I am not adverse to popping the odd convenience food in the trolley now and again !!! I love yogurt and I too have realized the sugar content.I am going to try and develop a taste for the healthier ones. I guess the answer is to educate children in the value of different foods and the benefits of healthy eating. Balance, it all boils down to balance and enjoying life. I let myself have a lovely piece of cake or whatever sometimes. Keep ffuffing and good luck 2well-ington.

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