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Afternoon binge!

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I am trying to get back into the healthy eating routine that lost me 3 stone before. It's basically organic, superfoods, veg, fruit, no refined sugar, less carbs, more good fats and that worked really well for me. So I start off well, breakfast then a chai tea, lunch is usually eggs, then waiting for dinner I keep going mad and eating whatever shite I can find! Even if I make a healthy treat I eat too much of it! I can't stop thinking about food at that point! Is anyone on fitnesspal and willing to tell me off if I keep doing it! Haha help!

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If you get "peckish" - eat an apple!!! You can't eat too many apples - well, actually , you can - but you won't want to!! :)

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I tried the silly liver & gallbladder detox one autumn, & ate over a kilo a day for 5 days. I love traditional English apples, so thought it was wonderful, even though it did me no apparent good (or harm, aside from trying to drink grapefruit juice & olive oil at the end). My dental hygeinist says I have fruit eaters teeth. :(

Try eating more of fruits and salad whenever you feel like eating it works for me also a good detox for your system

My favorite snack is an apple with peanut butter. It stifies my sweet craving and the protein in peanut butter takes my hunger away and holds me till my next meal. I slice the apple very thin like a chip and spread a little peanut butter on each slice . I am in yhe process of breaking that eating for comfort habit which is a challenge. Good luck πŸ‘

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Almond butter is even healthier.

I have cheese on sliced apples, instead of crackers. Great with walnuts!


Have you tried eating a high protein breakfast so you're less hungry later in the day?

I do restrictive eating now, which I found easier than I'd thought it would be, ie, most days I don't eat before 11am, eat a lot mid-day to early afternoon, & rarely eat after 6 or 7pm. Before trying this, a high protein start to the day helped reduce eating later.

I'd have buckwheat pancakes or oat pancakes made with an egg & cottage cheese, both with sprouting beans & alfalfa, & a little grated cheese. If I wasn't full after that, a small pancake with a little butter & maple syrup. I'd also have a glass of kefir for more protein, B12 & K2, so it made a nutrient rich meal. This is the sort of thing I go for at lunch now with salad, or veg & bean/lentil soups. The liquid content in soup makes it take longer to digest, so makes me feel full for longer.

A glass of water at least half an hour before eating might help, too.

If I need to eat after 6pm, I go for fruit, a handful of almonds, brazils & walnuts, a medjool date, & or a piece of good dark chocolate ~ tasty & nutritious! These are always on my ktchen table, so the easiest things to grab.


I have not seen fresh fish! You want a fast dinner. Or use a crock pot to make several meal at one time for lunch and dinner. Sounds like you must live alone. You have done wonderful Bounllion or bone soup is great to curb craving during the day. 8-8oz glasses of water is what is the best one like you have 1/2 hour before a meal. The remainder spaced. Bacon gives great fat, us in cooking.

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