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Binge eating

Hi there, recently turned 20 and have gained a lot of weight recently. 14st7 and 5"7 so quite overweight. I'm making much more of an effort to exercise and I'm trying to eat healthier but its my binge eating in the evenings which get to me. I have a real sweet tooth and end up eating a whole pack of biscuits while watching TV at night even if I'm not hungry. Is there anything I can replace them with? For about 6 months now I've just lived off chocolatey-goods in the evenings so I need help trying to cut down or replace them with something better for me. Thanks

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Get a jam jar put the money that you do spend on chocolate-goods in it and see how it grows and how much weight you loose! If appears you do not need that food, this may be difficult give it a try as anything is possible.


Try eating a sensible amount of the fat (cream) without the sugar.


Hi, try drinking flavoured sparkling water instead. I get bottles cheap from aldi. This won't work for you being male but I drink mine out of wine glasses. It seems to work for me. The sparkling water from aldi are very sweet tasting. Good luck!


The water is a good idea because sometimes we eat because we are thirsty not because we are hungry.


The BEST ever HEALTHY sweet fix I've found is banana ice cream. The only ingredient who need is a frozen banana which has been sliced prior to freezing and a splash of milk or almond milk.

You do need a powerful blender. I have a nutribullet but there are other makes but must have powerful motor.

You place the frozen sliced banana in the cup with just a splash of milk then pulse slowly and eventually you get banana ice cream. I would defy anyone to tell that it was not made with real ice cream and it tastes really sweet.

If you don't believe me just google it or search u tube.

I have also found that Splenda is an excellent way to sweeten things up without calories. I love rhubarb and stew it up with Splenda and not sugar.


You can slightly defrost the banana to soften them for the blender if its not powerful enough. I agree its delicious like icecream but none of the fat and calories.


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