Wild weight loss!!!

Is it possible to lose 2.2kg over 3 days? I am Bipolar and have been on a manic ride this past week! I was so full of energy Saturday when my friend to me to my first Zumba class that I bought down the rafters! Bouncing around and kicking and shaking my ass! I was told to be quiet and stay at the back in the corner!!! I had to put my finger to my lips and sit down! Well I melted actually but it felt so freaking good!!!

Needless to say I scared the doo doo out of the uptight ladies!!! I could hear the disapproving whispers at the end of class!!! The Instructor was so distracted she kept missing the beat and moves!!! I've never seen 30 'ladies' clear a room so fast!!! The Instructor couldn't wait to get out of there!!! I embarrased my dear friend! And I thought it was funny as 'f', altho I am disappointed at their narrow mindedness!!!

Oh well! What is a gal to do!!!

Kaz – my wild child!!!


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  • Hi Kaz,

    I know you're trying to find the current Monday group weigh-in thread, so I'm going to give you the link here:


    If you copy and paste your weigh-in results one more time in that link - you'll be in the right place. I saw that moreless has already tried to direct you there, but I can see you posted in Healthy Eating forum instead - which is fine of course, but I hope my providing the correct link helps you out. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

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