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Oops forgot to weigh this morning as I am absolutely exhausted from a day out to the NEC yesterday.

Hope to remember tomorrow morning before I go to hospital.

Gutted as I really need the encouragement of losing to keep me on track.

I know tomorrow will be difficult as I have to fast until my mini op so the rest of the day after a general anaesthetic could be a bit woozy plus I will be really hungry.

Will get back on track Wednesday so should be ok in the end

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Don't worry about forgetting to weigh yourself as I'm sure you've got a lot of other worries with an op tomorrow, hope it goes well and you get back on track in the not too distant future x

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Hi Lori59,

I just spotted your post, and I know you were in the Monday group weigh-in last week, which is in the NHS weight loss forum, so I'm going to give you the link to our Monday group weigh-in thread, so you can find us easily for when you weigh in tomorrow morning - Late Weighers can join us up to Friday 11th November at 18 00 to be included in the weekly stats, so we are open for you to join us, and I don't want you to get lost in the forums!

Here is the link:

Hope you don't mind my giving you that link, but I know you joined us last week, so you're likely to want to weigh-in with the group again. :-)

Good luck for when you do weigh-in.

Lowcal :-)

p.s. Wishing you a good day tomorrow and hope your operation goes well. If you don't feel up to weighing in, then just leave it and join us whenever is convenient, like Jennymary says, it's probably one of the last things you need to consider at the moment, but I just wanted to wish you well, and make it easier for you to find us, when you feel up to weighing in next. :-)

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