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Healthy Eating
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Looking for help creating good eating habits

Hello, I am not sure if this is the right place to go, but I need advice on eating healthy. I know that I est bad, and definitely eat too much food. I'm looking for an effective way to plan meals, find out what's actually healthy, and just overall what I can do to improve my eating habits. Just to give you an idea about my current situation, I am a 5'10 male, weighing around 190-200 range, 27 years old. Thanks for any help!

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There is guidelines that you may need to play around with. Everyone's diet, amount of consumption of food, how often the times of day/night, and the type are all unique as everyone's system is unique

What are you being told an average weight for your height and body frame is supposed to be?

Do you have regular check ups to make sure everything is fine? An example would be blood work for multiple reasons.

Also how do you feel overall? Do you have normal energy?

I don't like the word diet and I am actually on the opposite end of not being able to gain weight. So I will have to look at my thesaurus.

For now, what kinds/types of food, snacks, liquids to keep you dehydrated do you like? A diet doesn't have to be miserable eating food's you don't like.

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I know that I eat too much fat or greasy food.. I eat out too much, and am trying to change it. It's not so much about weight I guess(although I would like to drop 20 pounds) but it's more for overall health and reduction of cholesterol, and fats.


The type of fat is important. Man-made fats are inflammatory. Too much of anything is bad by definition, but the body uses about twice as much energy in the form of fat compared to carbohydrate.

Protein should only be used for repair and maintenance as an excess is easily turned to glucose with harmful side-products.


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