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First day done

First day on the NHS choices 12week plan done. Surprised how many kcal I would have been consuming prior whilst I thought I was eating clean but clearly way to much. Felt moody and hungry all day but am sure that the research beside this programme is correct since it follows the NICE guidelines on how many kcal should be consumed to lose weight. Feel like this is going hard hard work

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Good for you. I'm on week 6 and loving it. It's more of a mental adjustment than a physical one. I'm now eating breakfast for the first time ever. I have so many mental blocks about what I can and want to eat, this is my challenge. Have learned so much about the rubbish I was eating. I use myfitnesspal to keep track of my calories. Sometimes it's hard work, but I'm sure it's worth it.

Good luck with this new phase of your life


Getting the right balance of foods takes a little adjusting, but if you have been eating properly for a while this will make it easier 😊 Choosing foods that fill you up for longer may help with hunger, or it could just be your body's way of complaining at the change in routine 😕 The first day/ week is the most difficult, It will get easier 😊 Good luck


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