Evening munchies

I’m making real Conscious decisions about what im putting into my body, I’m trying to keep a balance between what’s going in and what I’m working off. The doctors have thrown words around but I don’t accept any of the labels. But at the moment the evenings are hard. My children are in bed and I have nothing else to do, I’ve done the distraction things, colouring painting my nails

Drinking lots of water reading etc. But it doesn’t help. I do not want to undo all the hard work I put in during the day.

How do you cope with the evenings and not ruining all the hard work!?


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17 Replies

  • Well, one solution would be going to bed (if you're tired obviously) or how about watching a movie or a tv series? It may distract you from all the things you're not supposed to do.

    Or you could eventually take a walk, but since you said your kids are sleeping I suppose you can't leave the house right?

  • I’m watching the walking dead trying to gross me out so I don’t want to eat! Zombies ripping off flesh is pretty gross.

    I don’t even think I’m hungry, I can’t be,it’s just be boredom I think. Sleep would be great, but I don’t sleep well either. Maybe just suck it up and have a bit of will power!

  • Ahah that’s a funny idea, but if it works, why not?

    It could be boredom, I know many people who eat just because they’re bored and in that case the secret is to keep out of your house anything you’re not supposed to eat ☺️

    Well it could be, just keep in mind your final goal and everything will be easier to overcome 💪🏻😊

  • I try to keep as much of the naughty stuff out of the house, however with two little ones who have a treat box for friday’s after school, temptation creeps in. Normally it’s not too bad as I can run it off, but I’m at work the rest of the week so not an option.

    I just to look good!

  • I totally understand, it mustn’t be easy, but I’m sure that in the end, all this sacrifice you’re doing will absolutely be worth it :)

  • Find something to do with your hands & your head. Knitting & watching stuff on Walter Presents is quite challenging as I'm a bad knitter. ;)

    If you must eat something, eat healthy nuts or seeds with protein, or some fruit. I like to stick to restrictive eating times, which my body prefers enough to help me resist temptation to snack almost every night. At first, I realised that if I'm busy, I don't think about food, & eating properly in the day time helps stop nibble pangs later.

  • Hi mn15 ,

    I think you've had some great suggestions already, and they all sound really good. My current coping mechanism for evenings is to do what BadHare does, which is stick to restrictive eating times - and for me, that means having my evening meal as early as I can, and then purely having drinks (coffee, tea) in the evenings through till my breakfast the next day - when I have my porridge etc. It has become much easier as time has gone on, and I feel better for it.

    Good luck, with whatever you decide to do.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks, I’m currently writing in my diary and still watching the walking dead. With a small cut up apple. I’m hoping this should kill the craving and still drinking loads of water.

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I do hate that I love food!

  • Wow! Coffee in the evening, Zest? If I drink it after lunchtime, I'm awake till 3am! ;-/

  • I'm a picker at night so I have started to make healthy dips to keep in the frodge and chop up some carrot, courgette and celery sticks to eat with the dips. Also cherry tomatoes are a good idea, I eat them like sweets.

  • Set aside a particular time at the end of the day for blog writing. Then try whatever to distract you and then at the end of the day, write about it. In time you’ll have a host of ideas that you have evaluated. Then turn that into an ebook and stick it on amazon - and plug it here 😂😂

  • I genuinely doubt anyone would want to read my boring thoughts! Even I don’t read any thing I write! It’s depressing and dull but setting time is a good idea. Anything to stop the eating!

  • Once you started writing a blog you would start looking at other blogs and then a whole new world would open up...

  • I like millie1979 response. Maybe in the evening you could eat but eat healthier things. I get the munchies in the evening although I eat very healthily I am trying to give up my one or two glasses of wine in the evening. Which isn’t easy so I know how you feel. It’s hard to think of anything else! You could try to up your veg intake in the eves with cucumber, carrots etc. Also roasted chick peas are really nice. You can add pepper or herbs etc. When you feel you are depriving yourself it’s hard to stick to it. You might like to Start doing a few weights in the evening if you don’t already, just light ones and 15 reps is what I do and it makes you feel less likely to eat unhealthily and can see an improvement in 6 - 8 weeks... Good luck!

  • Going for a Cadbury light hot chocolate made with only water. Phew second night of no snacking!!

  • That's great! Well done. :-)

  • You are doing great and it’s normal to feel like that in the evenings.

    My friend and I started a free online course so many evenings a week that helped us to focus on that. There was no assignments with it it was just learning base. Also I used to find little jobs to do. It is difficult but at one point you’ll find you don’t need find distraction anymore.

    Could have a healthy snack at a certain time

    LC x

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