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hi every one havent been on a while just to let u know ive been working hard size 20 clothes and went to a size 16 dress im over the moon ive shrunk to, been told by my trainer just wanting to tell u that eating healthy stoping poatoes and bread cheese and eating sweet poatoes rice and chicken and salads veg and no bread and white potatoes and cheeses and no full fat milk does work and excercise is the best option instead of sitting on the sofa, get up. and move taking dogs out. going for walks just push yourself ill never ever turn back to excercise ever again cause it makes u lazy im off to benidorn in 6 weeks im going to work hard to see if i can get to size 14 i havent been on scales i just go by my clothes there getting bigger on me to


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  • great news kazzi im reallly pleased for you. it just shows what we can do when we put our minds to it doesnt it? well done. i hope that you achieve your goal and get down to a size 14 by the time you go to benidorm. its amazing the little changes that we can make and we are not really giving anything up just changing to lower fat milk. sweet potatoes. which count towards our 5 a day. salads and vegetables. are all good for us. you must be looking fabulous . i had an operation 6 weeks ago and i'v just started working on my arms for the last 10 days or so and i can see a little difference already. and i feel when im carrying my shopping i can carry more than before i exercised or had my operation. im 65. the operation was 5 hours long and on my bile duct. so right in the middle of the body. i'v always sort of worked on my legs doing squats most days. it takes a second to do one, so i usually do ten in the morning and ten at night. sometimes with wide stance and sometimes with feet together which is harder. was at the hospital yesterday for my check after the operation and everything is fine. i can now do gentle stomach exercise.keep going kazzi all the best love grace xoxoxo👏

  • thanku grace its took me 8 month but nothing happens over night u keep it up with your little excercises they will get easier xxget well soon love karenxx

  • Brilliant, well done Karen, hope you have a fantastic holiday in Benidorm, remember to try and save some pennies though as I feel you've got a clothes shopping spree coming on xxxx

  • Hi well done its a great feeling, i have also lost 4stone, with the help of a personal trainer,i follow a high fat low cal diet ,only good fats which fill you up and stop you craving rubbish,worked for me,tryed loads of other diets over the years only one thats worked for me,good luck

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