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Lightheaded with new healthy diet

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I have been feeling lightheaded with new healthy eating I've been doing. Not necessarily in a bad way, it's almost euphoric. anyone else ever feel this way after changing their eating habits? Before you ask, I am eating plenty of calories and I am not on a diet. Lots of lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables. So, I am not depriving myself of anything. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or knows why this could possibly be?

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Are you counting carbs.?

I have not been counting carbs, but have definitely been consuming less because I am trying to stick to good sources of carbs instead of the white breads and potatoes I am used to.

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Have you talked with your doctor about the issue? What did they say?

i felt very ill once when i totally changed my diet. i even went to the hospital for a check i was so nervous i was soaking with sweat. i started a way of eating called fit for life. and it was all raw food. i had palpitations and thought i was dying. thats just changing my diet. so no wonder i was so ill at first. to cut a long story short i never stuck to that way of eating. but i do know what you mean. even just the fact that you know that your doing something really good for yourself can make you feel great plus the fact your body will be in a tailspin with all the good nutritsius food your eating. it will be working hard to elimimate the old bad food and thowing it all out. so you will be de toxing as well. after about 10 days your body should have elilmanated all the old food and be using all the good stuff your putting in so dont be surprised if you get spots are even a headache. drink plenty water thats important, and very well done,,i hope you keep it up. love grace xoxoxo👏

Yes but when I get up in morning dizzy . I have to wait a minute before I rise . Taking enough calories probably body craving sweets or chocolate.

Do you have low blood pressure?

*Lean* meats are the problem. You're depriving yourself of fat. Don't forget salt (Himalayan, rock, sea). Take a magnesium glycinate supplement as well.

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