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Ok so i am new to this. I forget to come here for help suggestion. Yes lets call it LAZINESS! I just joined a gym and I need to know/ask Where is the best place to shop on a budget? I know i need to eat more fruit and veggies. I lack this. But I am on a tight budget and large chain markets can be costly. Some stuff at the 99 cent stores are not that fresh. So any help will be grateful!

Im trying my best to lose weight by eating right and now exercising.

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Like to help, but I live in the UK, you appear to be in the USA so I don't know what sort of shops you have there. Our cheapest shops seem to be Lidl and Aldi.

It might help if you read the Welcome Newbies post under the Pinned Posts on the right hand side of your screen (I think it's at the bottom, if you are using a mobile). Also you may want to check out the NHS 12 week plan which has lots of advice on healthy eating.

Please feel free to join in any challenges, these are both fun and motivating. We also have a Monday weigh in thread, posted each Monday by one of our Fab5ers. This is entirely voluntary, but I find it helps keep me accountable. You can read previous ones to see what happens, they are also under Pinned Posts.

This forum is non-judgemental, friendly, encouraging and supportive. 😃

Good luck 🍀

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Can you grow some of your own, all you need is a windowsill for things like cress & other herbs like parsley and seeds are pennies.


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