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Hiya from an unhealthy snacker....what can I say, that's it in a nut shell. I work permanent nights, don't sleep well never have and I am awake 18 to 20 hrs a day. I tend to snack rather than eat meals and I eat when I am not hungry......boredom usually and my cant be bothered attitude. I have got to get away from this. Approaching 60, one partial knee replacement done ( excellent result) and another scheduled. And being 4 stone overweight, I am my own worst enemy......and doing myself no favours at all. Hoping to get some good healthy eating tips and as I learn, share mine.

Thank You for reading x

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Hi Jo . I think you have pinpointed part of the answer. Snacking. It's the enemy of any healthy eating plan especially if it's replacing proper food. I am afraid you are going to have to make a big effort to prepare proper meals for you to eat during your shift and if there are snacks it's got to be raw vegetables or small quantities of fruit.

4 stone extra weight will be putting huge strain on your joints as I am sure you have been told.

Are you bored at work and that's where the boredom snacking stems from ? And are your snacks sugary ones ? If so that will be contributing to the sleeplessness.

What about exercise ?



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