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Sugar low

So having been in full "diet" mode for 2 weeks now, I think the junk and the sugar have worked their way out of my I got my first sugar low...naff headache, feeling generally down and miserable and for no apparent reason!

I didn't fancy my lunch and most of it went in the bin, I didn't eat most of my dinner...more went in the bin. There wasn't anything wrong with it, it was all very nice...just didn't fancy it.

Instead of salad, I'm going to have a ham salad wrap for lunch tomorrow, and hopefully it will be a better day.

One thing good to come from today... I didn't immediately turn to chocolate / pudding. I didn't finish my tea so I didn't have anything else... so there is some will power sticking around.

Anyone else feel a bit low a couple of weeks in? Or do I just need more variety?

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All people need to eat some carbs. to keep the brain and the rest of the body working properly and so you don't have head aches. The head aches may be from low blood sugar.


There are hidden carbs in a lot of foods and so by avoiding the main 5 you are still getting some. There is sugar in fruit. The headaches are probably due to lack of water or even salt. Having an oxo can help. However, it will pass.


I sometimes get bored from making all the same meals and need to have a change 😊 I love cooking and relish the challenge of keeping calorie count down 😊 I also agree with Activity2004 you need some carbs, low gi are better, or you will get low blood sugar 😕

But you are right, it takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things, you are doing great 😊 Good luck and keep up the good work 😊


Oh don't worry, I am eating cards just not necessarily sugary ones. I don't believe in cutting out a particular food group to lose weight. I did that before and ended up in hospital through being deficient in vital things.

What I mean is, when I was at my previous job, I ate most of the day... snacking on rubbish like flapjack, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, sometimes fruit, but mainly junk. So now that I am controlling the snacking, my body is "craving" sugar even though I am having it. It's almost like withdrawal!

Feeling a bit better this morning so fingers crossed for a happier day :-)


*carbs... not cards...silly predictive text!

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You definitely need carbs, its just the amount is smaller than our eyes like to believe lol.

My first week I was on fire and lost 4lbs the 2nd week has been much more of a challenge for me in terms of feeling a bit depressed and wanting to run to the chocolate. I've just managed to have a little bit of something sweet in the evenings but keeping it into my daily calorie intake.

The beginning of the this week was awful for me, but towards the end of the week -Wed to now I have been very good. It just takes time to get used to it. Hopefully, by next week I'll be well on my way to getting the hang of this calorie counting. Good luck!

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Make sure you are drinking plenty water, dehydration can cause headaches. Well done for not turning to chocolate and making good choices. Good luck with your goals


Today at work my colleagues all decided they were having McDonald's...I walked with my friend to help carry everyone else's lunch back to the office and then had my ham salad wraps that I'd already brought with me... I didn't feel like I'd missed out and enjoyed my lunch just as much as I would if it had been a McDonald's.

Very proud moment!!


Chocolate is a food group😉

Lindt 90% only has 7 g of sugar, I coat dates with it p, 100g bar lasts a week.

Have to say I cut out all flour etc just fruit and veg, meat and fish. And not really had any energy loss/ headaches.

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