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Monday morning weigh in

I am late for the Monday morning re-boot weigh in as my computer was down this morning, so here goes....... 10st 12lb (that's a loss of 2lbs over the week). Waist 37ins..no change there.

Now starting week 3. Will-power flagging a little but nevertheless I'll soldier on. No good praising my 2lb loss folks though, because I have spent the last 30 years swaying between 10st 12lbs and 11st plus. I really have to break the 10st 12lb barrier before I will feel I am accomplishing anything new. So we'll see how I get on this week:-)


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Hi Struggle,

The Monday group weigh-in is actually in a different community. You've just posted in 'healthy eating community' and the Monday weigh-in is in 'NHS weight loss community' and here is the link to the latest thread:


But I can copy and paste your result for you, if you like, as I'm popping in there regularly.

Lowcal :-)


Goodness Lowcal! You are a star! As ever thank you very much indeed. Yes please copy and paste me into the right place. I have made a note for next time.

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I've done that, Struggle, and tagged you so you can hopefully find the replies. :-)


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