Dialysis diet for a person with allergies


I am a new to the forum and after some advice. I was told this week i need to get my head around starting diaylsis which hit me hard. I know my diet will probably have to change and wanted to get a head start. I am already on a very restrict diet has cant eat gluten, wheat, dairy or eggs due to allergies. Can any one over any advice.


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  • Follow this link for the National Obesity Forum guidelines phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

  • Thanks for replying, not sure if the link is going to help but will take a look, the reason i say this is because i am extremely under weight (6stone), so the obesity title doesn't sound appropriate

  • I had a pre-diabetes client that was at the lower end of a healthy BMI. She was following the Eatwell Plate, and her blood sugars were getting closer to diabetes levels for two years. Then her nurse referred her to me. She started to keep her carbohydrates between 100g and 140g per day, but lost weight. To stop this weight loss she increased her mono-unsaturated fat intake. Her blood glucose levels normalised and her weight was stable.

  • I know someone on dialysis who has a very restricted diet because the kidneys can no longer cope with certain foods e.g. potassium in bananas. This link may help with your diet guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/reso...?

    Are you not under a dietician who specialises in renal conditions or contacted the National Kidney Patients helpline for their advice? I have used national charity organisation's helpline before (not for kidneys) and found them extremely useful.

  • Hi

    Thanks for reply, i do have a dietician and she is very helpful but not due to see her for the next month so was trying to get a head start.

  • Your medical condition sounds very complex. I think it is worth ringing the NKF advice helpline kidney.org.uk/helpline. If you are lucky like me when I rang a national helpline (obviously a different charity), I spoke to trained professionals who gave me excellent advice and leaflets which I am following that were not offered to me by my GP.

    Good luck with your condition and diet.

  • In Macrobiotics we don't use bananas (or tropical fruits when treating a health problem), or eggs or dairy. We also avoid refined sugars and use milder natural sweeteners from fruits or grains (rice or barley malt) instead of honey, maple, coconut or agave, which are quite strong. No nightshades either, they are too acidic and not great for the Kidneys either.

    I think the diet would suit your needs!

    Basically we live on a balance between whole grains, beans (some fish and seafood depending on the condition, I would recommend it for Kidney problems), root and round vegetables, green vegetables, seaweed, pickles and seeds/nuts.

    It would be very helpful for you to realise that you are not alone, many people are surviving (and thriving!) on a "restrictive" diet like this, and enjoying exploring the new tastes and textures.

    I would personally look for a Macrobiotic practitioner, who understands your particular needs and can make you a tailor-made diet.


    If you could afford it, hire a personal chef for a week, or go to cooking lessons in your area.

    All the best!

  • And gluten-free diets are quite easy and tasty to make with Macrobiotics. Say goodbye to gluten-free prohibitive small packs of pasta and treats and welcome wholesome awesomeness! It may seem a big expense at the beginning but a pack of rice/quinoa/millet/buckwheat/amaranth goes a long way compared to pasta, refined bread or ready-made meals!

  • Hi Charlene, unfortunately I don't know anything about kidney problems, but I don't tolerate eggs very well (OK in cakes, biscuits etc), I'm thinking of making some home made cakes for myself, so googled 'eggless recipes' which took me to a website called 'Madhuram's 'eggless cooking' lots of vegan recipes, it may be worth a look, and if you like the look of anything maybe print it off and show it to your dietician and get their advice, I wish you well x

  • Hi

    Use flaxseeds as a substitute of eggs it works brilliantly in baking. 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds and 3 tablespoons of water per egg.

  • Thank you

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