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Lunch time issues

Would love some tips on a filling, healthy snack to eat at Reception Desk.  On Tuesdays I do not have a break and finish at 1.30pm.  I need to eat around 1pm as I find it too long to wait until 1.30/2pm.  I have a flapjack (homemade) and/or piece of cheese at 10am.  And I have bacon and eggs or porridge for breakfast at 7.30am.  Anything I eat needs to be easy to eat in a discrete manner.

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If you are so hungry you can't wait a further half an hour, analyse what you're eating earlier. Do you need to eat more, or is it the quality of what you're eating? 

Our body-fat should provide most of our energy, with intense activities (including brain activity) met by glycogen. Eating foods that spike insulin can prevent us being able to utilise our energy reserves.

Otherwise, are you confusing hunger with thirst?

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Will try soup and more water.

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I find that a small handful of unsalted nuts is enough to stave off the hunger. It has been proved that we only absorb a third of the calories from nuts, the rest just passes through They also contain good fats.


I asked about snack stuff over on the LCHF forum, and someone gave me this link with lots of good suggestions-


These are my go-to healthy snacks!

Avocado + mixed seeds + olive oil

Raw vegies wrapped in a slice of ham

Boiled eggs + salt + chilli flakes

Sliced cucumber + cheese

Dates + almond or peanut butter

Celery + almond or peanut butter

Steamed green beans + sesame seeds + salt

Smashed avocado + lime juice + corn chips


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