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Some words I think I know about healthy restaurant eating...


Hi, I am not much of the knowledge person..though, from my experience and a bit reading, I pointed some facts about healthy eating. Being Unhealthy-type myself, I do wanted to know some shortcuts about healthy eating habits as the pressure of JOB, WORK, STUDIES etc we tend to live the unhealthy way sometimes we completely strike out the exercise thing out.

So when I read about some of them here and there surfing through internet, some of them made sense.. I follow them,

Why Healthy Restaurant Eating? because we can't help eating in those restaurants and fast food joints, and get ourselves fats and carbs.

How to be keep 'Healthy' in mind while keeping the love of unhealthy fast food eating?

lets see

here goes an example,

"The six grams of fat or less group is a good way to start. Avoid extra sauces and condiments such as mayo and cheese. Using a wrap instead of bread saves about ten calories."

Its a good point to cut out the sauces and condiments, we do know they put more layers on.

Don't we all love Chinese and Indian food...?

"Chinese food (at least the American variety) is often unhealthy. It is frequently fried and high in sodium and/or sugar. The healthiest choices are non-fried and veggie-heavy: Chicken with Mushrooms, String Bean Chicken Breast, Broccoli Beef, Tangy Shrimp, or Mixed Veggies, for example."

Sugar in sodas do help in being unhealthy, sad but true.

about the Indian...,

"Malai means cream and Makhani means butter, so obviously you should avoid anything with those words nearby. Look for some kind of grilled chicken entree."

I took these references from this article.


The author of the healthy eating habits Davis of Localwiki writes a lot of great stuffs.

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You've chosen a low fat perspective anubhavtrek.

However, saturated fat is very stable, and quite suitable for frying. Since our bodies tend to use twice as much energy as fat compared to carbohydrate, eating more natural fat, and less high-glycaemic or high fructose carbohydrates is, more often than not, beneficial.

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