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Hello I'm Caroline and joined today after joining the c25k program 3 weeks ago.. I'm 49 and gave up smoking two years ago.. and piled on three stone.. started having back pain and it was getting in the way of every day life.. I decided I had to do something about it. I started changing my eating habits.. bought a wii fit and began on a journey..didn't know if I could.. but I tried... that was four months ago..I have lost two stone and am practicly vegetarian.. I started c25k as another challenge .. it's hard work.. but working! I've joined here today as I find all the posts very encouraging and love reading of others journeys.. and always helpful are some wonderful new recipes.. thank you x


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  • Hi Caroline, I'm Julia, 44. I lost 3.5 stone between July and December last year just through 'healthy eating', walking the dog properly and doing things that for years I knew I should but just couldn't. I'm still over 13 stone but losing weight isn't overly my concern now (as long as I keep the lost bit off!), it is fitness levels. I started the programme in January but struggled to even get to week 1. Week 1 accomplished was really week 3 in time but who's counting?? I then had a week off between weeks 2 and 3 as my boys had a school holiday and I found all the reasons to not get out but battled the mind gremlins and think I've got them shut away- I'm quite comfy out there plodding and puffing away now!

    I happened upon this forum just a few days ago- it's been a great help already :)

  • Hello and brilliant on your journey so far.. I know what you mean about fitting things in.. between having to prepare more healthy meals and taking the time out for excercise can be very tough.. but the feeling of acomlishment.. growing in confidence and actually feeling proud of ourselves more than makes up for all the hard work.. I think it makes us better mums for it as our children have a much better role model.. seeing us happier in ourselves can't be bad :) I also have three boys at home.. my eldest being 17. One of my proudest moments was when he invited me along to the gym with him a few weeks ago.. he actually said on the way home.. " mum.. you did ok at the gym tonight! " keep up the good work and keep me posted on your c25k journey. I'm on w3r3 and am astounded I'm still plodding and grunting through xxx

  • Hello and well done on what you have achieved so far! 😊

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