I have dieted successfully before when motivated by a major birthday, or following life changing events, but find it hard to stay motivated when life becomes more settled, and it is easy to fall back into lazy habits with a tendency to "graze". Any suggestions out there to keep focussed other than the usual ones such as - clothes will fit better, knees will hurt less, more energy etc. I know my future health depends on being able to stick with the healthy eating.


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  • The biggest motivator for me was the evidence that a diet loaded with processed food and refined carbs leads to dementia and Alzheimer's, what they are now referring to as Type III Diabetes. The whole big package of metabolic syndrome that leads to diabetes is at the root of all these nasty chronic diseases that are consuming us (heart disease, dementia, cancer), and our diet is at the root of that. When you see the end result of bad eating, it's a great motivator. It may be cheap up front, but it will cost you in medical care and it will cost you your health, and possibly your life down the road.

    Honestly, when you watch a family member deteriorate from this, you learn fast.

  • I, like you have lost weight for many reasons - special occasions, holidays, then let all the weight go back on. At the end of the day you have to want to make a lifestyle change and until you are ready to do it - you won't! I'm speaking from experience as I'm back on a diet again! I hope you manage to break the cycle and if you manage to find a way to stop grazing please please please let me know! Let me know how you're getting on! Good luck :)

  • When I'm feeling a bit nibbly, I review what I've been eating and increase the lean protein and the non starch veges. By increase I mean double! Add veg soup to lunch and dinner. Add lots of fruit as a pudding. Having 3 courses is both filling and distracting! Then have a list of distraction activity. I rarely eat in the bath or shower, or when my hands are wet. I once had a bathroom where I could have eaten off every surface. Go and sort your wardrobe. Nothing makes you review weight like trying on old favourites which are a little tight. And find something that is now too big, as that is positive. How about some me time with a pedicure, manicure or facial? That might make you feel that you are worth it every day, never mind the occasions.

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