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Fallen off the wagon


I have been very back and forth the last few months. I haven't put much weight bk on but I haven't been losing either. I started eating better and losing weight last December and went back to college in August. The last couple of months between my active 18month old, heaps of coursework and horrible weather the proper cooking and the gym classes have stopped.

However. Having discussed the healthy eating with my boyfriend he has said he will help more with the cooking so we can all eat better so fingers crossed I'll soon be back on track!

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Good on you for returning to college.Small steps at a time work out your calories for the day and plan a simple healthy days food for all three of you

Good luck with the course work

I need to keep on track and do my assessments also

Enjoy the journey back on board the wagon

Sinead, Someone as organised as you must be to manage college and a tot will soon organise your way out of this blip. You know how to lose weight because you've done it before. So you just have to apply what you already know. Great news that BF is being so supportive. Take advantage of this. Maybe give him the shopping list so that you don't get tempted by the offers! So many people face resistance from partners and you don't. So another step up for you. Why not plan 5 days' worth of meals including breakfast and lunch? Include one favourite for everyone so you all have something to look forward to. Make the other 2 days the easiest you can. Then everyone knows what they are having on any particular day and you can make sure you buy the right ingredients and only them. You will still have your 6 meals at the weekend to try something different if you want to experiment or just be more relaxed. But you will have organised your way into eating well for 5/7 days. Soon you will be back to losing. Just imagine a slimmer you getting your qualifications. That might help the motivation. Good luck, Venus.

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