Healthy Eating

Bridesmaid fitting

First is today

I'm getting collected in 17 minutes

I will be with 2 skinny girls and my dress will still be the same as it was 8 weeks ago

I am bringing my slimming dress to wear under to show myself what I need to loose (a dress size and a half or 2)

This will be the kick up the ass I need

I weighed myself 24 hours after weigh in yesterday and apparently I lost the 4 pound I put on.i know weighing daily is bad and I wont do it again but I'm glad I did weigh myself as I know I'm the same size and weight I was 8 weeks ago

So at least I got to enjoy food and drink

My mum and her 2 friends want to join a slimming club with me so that's good also

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So what you are doing is not working. That's the first thing. The second is do you want to change your life and lose weight , be healthier ?

Talking about joining a slimming club and being pleased you are the same weight isn't going to do anything. Join the slimming club on Monday but until then don't indulge yourself .You want to start now this minute.

Sorry if I'm harsh but you need to be harsh on yourself. No more indulgences.

Good luck Bonni.


I have joined slimming world and its my first weigh in tomorrow

Start weight 12.2.5

I have followed plan 85/ I'd say


Bonni, If you are going to join a slimming club and follow their plan, you are going to succeed in being slimmer so this wedding will have been your wake up call. Get a picture of yourself now because you will need it as a before picture. Because you now have the motivation to deserve a really lovely after picture. Hope your first 4 weeks at the slimming club are going really well. Venus


I was doing my usual staying the same weight for the first 4 weeks

Last week I went on a pure detox and lost half a stone in a week ;)

I'm dying of the flu this week

Ah my final dress fitting is today and I'm too sick to attend


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