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Artificial Sweeteners - are they bad for you?

UK newspapers reported recently on Swedish scientists indicating that drinking diet drinks regularly can raise the risk of heart failure by 25%. So along with Artificial Sweeteners (AS) causing heart disease it is also linked to type2 diabetes, obesity and cancer (see Harvard Medical School blog

Then I read on the NHS website that AS are safe I find this situation most confusing so what is the truth?


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I wouldn't touch them unless there was a medical reason like diabetics. I don't believe they help with weight control either. Studies have shown that they just increase the desire for sweet things.

You certainly see a lot of overweight people who have been using artificial sweeteners for years. With no effect it seems.


I recall that a diabetic told me that aspartame destabilised his blood sugar. It would be interesting if any diabetics could tell us their own experiences.

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I won't rule out avoiding artificial sweeteners. I started having it in my coffee last year and I don't crave sweets, this is coming from someone who has a massive sweet tooth .

If anything sweeteners lead me into sugar free cooking I started researching this intensively I was amazed a how much sugar was in the ingredients I cook with.

Anyway back to sweeteners, I have switched from the popular brands to Stevia which is actually a lot better even though more expensive I am terrified of the dentist so it's a small price to pay for not going - the thought of having those hideous 'instruments' in my mouth gives me nightmares.

In a nut shell getting rid of sugar has helped with weight loss , even though I have been on the healthy train for over 15 years. Yes I still find myself trying to get rid of pounds when I have been away on holiday or binging at the weekend.


I use stevia too. I would think that anything in our food that was made in a chem lab would not be a good thing, and I agree that you see overweight people drinking diet soft drinks all the time. Awhile back, I went overboard eating chocolate ice cream made with Splenda, and it gave me a royal case of the runs. Took me several days to connect the 2. Really ugly!!


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