Newbie - good progress but bit of a blip!

Hi all. I am new to this site. I am 42 year old female who is part way through a weight loss journey and change of lifestyle. I started dieting in mid-May and at this stage (early Oct) I have lost 35 lbs.

I have set myself an initial target of 5 stone to lose (though I could actually do with losing 7 to be the ideal weight for my height). Anyway, I’m halfway to the 5 stone mark so that’s a good solid start.

I have hit a little bit of a bump now not having, in net terms, lost any weight since before my holiday at the end of August. In real terms, I gained 4lbs during my two week holiday but then lost them in the two weeks after so there has been some movement within the last month but the fact remains that I weigh now what I did a month ago.

I am holding out and keeping the faith – I’m sure it will start to move in the right direction again. I am still maintaining a 1300 calorie a day intake but am going to try eating my main meal at lunchtime and a smaller snack in the evening to see if that kick starts it again.

It’s good to have found this site – looks like it will be a good support tool for when the spirits get low and hopefully we can all get inspiration and ideas from each other.


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  • I remember watching a BBC Horizon programme on dieting. See this link for more details This might give some background to why you have plateaued at this point and some tips for losing weight from now on.


  • Thanks for that. I'll take a look. Good news though, having failed to lose any for a while I have dropped 3lb this week. It's raised the spirits a bit!

  • I thought it was interesting on metabolic rate and it makes logical sense. The larger the body is the more calories it needs to maintain itself. So as you lose weight the number of calories needed to maintain itself drops, hence a possible reason for a plateau. You should regard this as a good sign as your body does need to work so hard to look after itself.

    If you follow this link, you can see all the programmes on youtube


  • It does make sense. I have been working on 1300 calories a day. Last week though I kept the calories the same but moved my main meal to lunchtime and that seems to have had an impact. Will look to reduce intake a little further perhaps.

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