Evening muncher

Evening muncher

Hi, I have just joined this site hoping I can spend some of my evenings giving and receiving support from people who like me have a weight problem, night times are the worst eating through boredom, I really need to get motivated to lose some weight before my operation, because afterwards I won't be able to do much for 8 weeks, at the moment I do low impact aerobics twice a week and swim as much as I can fit in., all this will have to stop until I am fully recovered which scares me for the amount of weight I might put on., I joined a slimming club about 2 months ago I lost 5 lbs and cannot seem to get anymore off its so disheartening when you know how good you have been and the scales don't show it, I have decided to look at my portions more closely and calorie count with my fitness pal app, (after reading the NHS website on weight control ) I think I will invest the money I am saving into a good pair of scales,

Good Luck to all of us


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  • If you think the eating in the evening is boredom how about something to occupy your mind. TV is no good with all those breaks just designed for getting a snack.


  • I have a tendency to boredom eat. If I do I try to limit myself to very small healthy snacks such as a small tomato, a few raw nuts, a small amount of 0% total fat yoghurt with a few berries. Or try and distract,myself with some form of activity.

  • It would be better not to snack find some fab herbal tea, and enjoy that in the evenings

  • I was an evening snacker until I started on a Low Fat Diet (see Dietdoctor.com). You should have a look at this.

  • Thank you all so much for your advice, will take it on board., x

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