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My Gf is allergic to Nuts and only east certain meats

Hi, Im finding my meal options very limited, I've stopped eating any nuts as its easier than giving my girlfriend a reaction and she is also pretty much a vegetarian (the only meat she eats is sausage, burgers and bacon) She has never tried chicken but doesn't like the thought off it same with fish, i need some meal suggestions to mix things up?

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It sounds as though the Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society and Viva websites would be happy meal hunting grounds for your situation.

(I am very fond of Quorn Best of British sausages, Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers and Redwood foods Vegideli veggie bacon)

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Meat is not necessary for a healthy diet and actually sausages, bacon and burgers might just be classed as the most unhealthy of options.

Could you maybe start thinking about using lentils and beans instead of meat or maybe mix in bacon to get used to the change. Spicy bean burgers are delicious by the way. Give them a shot


Make vegetable casseroles/stews, stick a variety of pulses ( hate them personally), maybe soya mince or quorn?


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