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Seeking friends for the revolution!

Hi everyone, new to this site so looking for anyone who would like to be friends, offer inspiration support and hugs on bad days and congratulations and slaps on the back on good days....or just to have a moan about diets, eating too much, comfort eating, sabotaging your diet and sneaky eating, of which I am the master...if I had a pound for everytime I smuggled a bar of chocolate up to my bedroom!!

In the last 20 years that I've been overweight, I've tried every diet going lost weight and then put it back's simple really or so I'm told, eat less and exercise more...hmmm sounds good in theory but my brain just won't compute. How I do it is like this, either... 1. exercise alot, but eat loads or 2. diet, but can't be bothered to's one or the other with me, imagine how amazing it would be if I could manage to combine would be a dieting revolution!!

If you want to join me in this revolution, and maybe we can figure it out together, well I am in need of diet buddies, I can follow a diet, and eat healthy and exercise but it's so lonely doing it all on your own having someone else to share the ups and downs with would be pop by and say hello, it might just be the start of a beautiful friendship, if not I wish you luck in whatever diet you decide to undetake x

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I think you will find this is a healthy eating forum, not a dieting forum although I believe there is a HU weight loss site. There are a lot of diet on line diet clubs which may suit your needs?


Hello I would be happy to be your diet buddy :) if you're still up for wanting someone to chat to please feel free to inbox me x


Know the feeling well, lol. Part of my job is too ensure healthy eating and I have always ensured my children and hubby (now exhubby) ate a varied healthy diet and did plenty of exercise. ME, well I should have practiced what I preached but didn't, hence joining this healthy eating community and its sister weight loss one. Happy to be one of your healthy journey buddies if you want me. 😀


I have been eating healthy for years and consume more fruit and veg than anyone else i know. However I have been gaining weight at a tremendous rate over the last few months and a heart condition has been worsening. I am not sure if this is a chicken and egg situation but I get too exhausted to do any more exercise than walking the dog. I also have very little time to myself because I am so busy caring for elderly relatives and grandchildren. However, I decided on recommendation to join weight watchers and although be it slowly I am losing weight with the Pro-points system which allows me to remain in control of everything I eat. I need to lose some weight as I am likely to need Open Heart Surgery and it will help if I can take some strain off my heart in the meantime. It may be a good idea if you know anyone else who has successfully lost a lot of weight to use them as a role model and try to emulate their method, whether Weight Watchers, Slimming World or Lighter Life. Good luck whatever you chose but the main thing is to stay healthy.


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