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Is eating processed vegan "meat" every day unhealthy?


Hello, i'm 25. For around 5-6 years i've been eating for lunch every day processed vegan "meat". Either a vegan burger, vegan hot dog etc... Before that i ate real meat every day for lunch.

I'm so used to it that i think that without it i just won't feel full. I always eat it with some kind of fabaceae.

I got 2 questions:

1. Is it unhealthy to eat processed vegan "meat" every day? Should i stop eating it completely?

2. If it is indeed unhealthy, what should i replace it with? So i feel full.. And get enough protein of course.

Thank you

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I personally think it's best to limit processed foods in our diets if we can - I try to have them as an occasional treat/lazy day, and not build my daily meals around them.

Lentils and beans are pretty good sources of protein, so you could try making soups and stews, or even your own burgers?

I think mushrooms, quinoa, chia seeds and nuts also have reasonable levels of protein, and they can be built into your day fairly easily.


Hi Nmn1 I would look at the ingredients of these vegan burgers and I'd look for alternatives as there are vegan pasta salads falafels bhaji's. And as Cooper says you could make yourself somethings that are healthy and nutritious and make them in a batch, we have a vegan topic section:

And you might find some really interesting ideas on VFL:

Good questions Nmn1.

Authorities have attempted to convince us that highly processed, man-made fats are healthier than natural, animal fats, and that removing the fat from meat and/or lower-fat dairy versions are healthier than the natural, full-fat versions; what absolute tosh!

Now we're being told that this processed protein is necessary for a sustainable way forward? Give us a break. So, whether you eat it or not that's up to you.

It's a myth that vegans lack protein. What they have to guard against is deficiencies such as B12, iron, zinc, omega-3 and vitamin D.

Eating low Gi will help, and getting most energy from natural fat such as olives, avocado, nuts and coconut.

No processed food is good for you, this is advice from the World Health Organisation. There are a vast number of healthy eating cookbooks for vegans (try Bosh, How Not to Die, the Dr Rupi cookbooks) and vegan bloggers giving away quick and easily prepared meals recipes with lentils, beans and fresh veg. Look on Plant Based News recipes to be introduced to some whose recipes they host. If you like Indian food there are several nice Indian ladies who offer healthy vegan meals and flatbread, rice etc. i like Holy Cow! and Vegan Richa for starters. Good Luck and enjoy your food

Hi Nmn1,

The problem with processed soy (TVP) in your faux meats is that processed soy interrupts your body's natural cancer-killing process (apoptosis) just like eating meat does. Processed generally = problems. Make your own meals {in advance} from whole ingredients, which can be portioned, stored in an individual container, and eaten at work. My go-to lunch, (all organic): a bed of bite-sized Romano lettuce leaves; vinaigrette (oil, vinegar and ground mustard seed); crushed walnuts & sunflower seeds garnish; top with a stir fry of garlic and chick peas (and add any other vegetables/rice/quinoa if you choose) and a sliced (Gala) apple.

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