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Normal? What is that?

Hello.... I thought I would post here in hope some one may be able to offer some advice. I will try to start with a little back ground first so you can see what troubles me.

I have recently spent a long time in hospital, for various things each time... Mostly all connected to my left knee though. I have severe osteoarthritis in my left knee and been practically bed bound for 4 months. This caused me to have multiple blood clots in both lungs.. And whilst fighting this I developed a really nasty bug...in hospital. I never ate or drank for around 8-9 days.. Yes I was on a liquid drip but was really quite ill... I lost 10 kg!! This brings me to why I have posted in this group.... When I was starting to feel better and introduce food into my diet again, whilst in hospital... Being a really fussy eater.. No meat, no fish, no onion and no egg I was limited as to what I could eat. So for 4 days I lived on nothing else than jacket potato with beans and cheese! Then I was released... Now back home I am having issues eating. I feel bloated all the time, I go to eat anything and I mean anything.... Within half an hour and I in the toilet being sick. To me it feels like the food is just sitting there and I feel really bloated and the food does not want to stay in my stomach. I am trying to drink lots.. But even drinking Walter is still making me feel really bloated...then I cannot eat anything. No not peeing a great deal either.... It just seems to trickle. Not sure what I should do.... But I know I am not right. Another thing I have gone off a lot of things... I cannot drink milk, it makes me really sick... Tea and coffee... No! My sense of smell is heightened and everything I smell turns my stomach... Just looking for a little understanding help and or advice really as I know I cannot go on like this!

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Hi Dora - This doesn't sound right does it. I guess it could be the after effects of the bug you had in hospital, but I would make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible.

Hope you are soon well.



Hi sounds like you have been very poorly but if you were managing to eat in hospital albeit limited choice then things are getting worse since you've got home which could possibly be another bug, the lack of peeing suggests that you are dehydrated. I think you should try to see your gp asap and if they only offer you an appt in two weeks go to your nearest gp walk in centre.

Hope you're feeling much better soon x


Hello... Thank you for replying :)

I did see my gp and I am in weekly contact with them too.... They are concerned with my lack of food intake and have literally said eat what I can no matter of the calorie content. This did alarm me a little as I have always tried to eat healthily... I think they just want me to eat!! So I have been trying to eat, still can only manage about 13-15 mouthfuls of food everyday.. And yes I am trying to drink more too.. My GP gave me stomach tablets what are usually given for acid... I don't have acid and cannot see the reasoning around this? I am however still sometimes, maybe every other day being sick.. My stomach is just liking food! So maybe the Lansoprazole tablets are for help with that? I am still taking anti sick tablets but they are not working as I constantly feel ill. I told the gp I am basically living on toast with marmite .... Sometimes I can only handle 3 slices the hole day! No idea what is going on.. My GP told me to write everything down what I am eating and they are calling me on Thursday .. Who knows what is going on? I just want to feel normal.


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